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Kiwi Landscaping- Providing High-Quality Commercial & Residential Lawn Services for Over Forty Years

Imagine Your Lawn in Southeast, MI as a Beautiful Emerald Green Carpet.

Your children will enjoy playing on a soft emerald carpet, and while your neighbors may be green with envy, they needn't be. It's ok, tell them they can have a great looking lawn, too. Just refer them to us, and you will get receive a great gift of your choice. Quotes are fast and easy for us, and we can drop them off in their mailbox. Simple!

We welcome Commercial Projects, too!

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Lawn Care is Our Specialty

Because we have been meticulously caring for lawns in your neighborhood for over four decades, we really do know lawns. As a rule, unless you prefer otherwise, we mow grass to a height of three inches. This affords a crisp, clean appearance without damaging the blades of grass. As part of your weekly lawn care, we trim and edge sidewalks and driveways. Grass clippings are blown away from walkways, driveways, and patios to keep your home neat.

The lawn maintenance season lasts from April through October. November is for lawn clean ups and winterizing. While we are maintaining your lawn, we can add other services like mulching and weeding beds and tree and shrub maintenance, which includes pruning and trimming.

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Lawn Fertilization Services from a Licensed Company

Kiwi Landscaping holds a Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner License in the state of Michigan. We are also certified with the State of Michigan and are active members of the MGIA. What this means to our customers is that we uphold the high standards outlined by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and apply our training to caring for your lawn and other greenery.  

All fertilizer we use is a slow-release granular. Organic fertilizer and weed control are available in both liquid and granular. The organic program has the same seasonal timing as the regular program.

Our regular yearly program of fertilizing services follows this schedule:

  • Late March through Early May: An application of complete balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Early May through June: A complete fertilization and weed control
  • Late June through July: Midsummer granular fertilizer
  • August through early September: Fall weed control and fertilizer
  • September through early October: Winter formula fertilizer and weed control


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Weed Control - Don’t Let a Good Lawn Go Bad

Weed control is an essential part of the ongoing pursuit of a beautiful lawn. Kiwi professionals will devise a weed control package that suits your lawn. There are four times a year when weeds need to be addressed. Creeping charlie, chickweed, chickory, and other broadleaf varieties, like dandelions, are among the most well-known and commonly seen in our area. 

Late March through Early May when broadleaf weeds (dandelions) are pre-emergent, and early May through June when they grow. From August through early September, many weeds are flowering and seeding, and September through early October weeds are storing energy to overwinter. These are the times to fertilize.

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Fall and Spring Clean up

Spring clean-up includes the vacuum of winter debris and the first lawn cut of the season. We will rake out the remaining dead, unsightly leaves from flower beds, and anywhere else the winds have wedged them. Old dead debris from ornamental grasses, hostas, and other plants will be bagged up, so there is a clean slate for the beauty of a new Spring to emerge. In the Fall season, we do a similar clean-up, mainly to control the mounds of leaves that can pile up. We can also cut back dead branches at the time, the remains of vegetable gardens, and clean messy flower beds. A good thorough Fall clean up makes spring clean-up a little easier to handle, too.

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Core Aeration is Recommended for Michigan Lawns

We offer core aeration for lawns. Spike aeration doesn't work. The pulled plugs (cores) allow for oxygen all the way to the roots and prevents roots from becoming compacted. This also allows proper irrigation for roots and prevents lawns from holding too much moisture, which will turn them yellow. Because we know core aeration to be the best method for Southeast, MI lawns, we do not offer the spike aeration.

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Grub, Insect, and Fungus Control for a Healthy Lawn

For insect and grub control or treatment of fungus and lawn disease, a separate estimate will be provided based on the problems detected in your lawn. We will create a custom package designed to arrest and solve your specific lawn issues. Many people are concerned with harsh chemicals, and so are we. Relax. We have families and pets, too. That is why we ONLY use pesticides when a trained, certified Kiwi Landscaping professional sees the need. It's called spot spraying. Unlike other companies, we use chemicals carefully and sparingly, only treating the problem areas.

Our Customers Love Our Work!

I am very pleased with this company, they have never let me down. They are affordable and do a great job. I love to sit on my porch and look over my yard after they leave - it looks so good!